Do you work in the construction industry and are looking for training courses to beef up your resume or add to your skill set? Advantage Learning Solutions is an authorized, local distributer for BuildForce eLearning safety training courses. These eLearning courses are designed to encourage the development of people working in the construction and maintenance industry.

BuildForce courses are all delivered online with interactive components that are based on real-world, hands-on situations. Each course offers you an opportunity to build your professional skills. Such courses, like the BuildForce Communication Negotiation Conflict Resolution course, will help you build communication skills that will give you the knowledge you need to handle any kind of situation with ease.

Self-Paced eLearning

Due to their online nature, eLearning courses allow for self-paced instruction, which means these courses can easily work around your busy work schedule. There are no time limits, so take the time you need!

BuildForce courses are compatible with all operating systems, such as Mac, Android, and Windows and, for the most part, are mobile friendly. Want to find out more or book a training today? Contact one of our Operator Training team members.

Gold Seal Certification Program

The Gold Seal Certification (GSC) program is a Canadian Construction Association (CCA) designation that will give you the upper hand in your career goals. It ensures you have the training you need to excel in your chosen field, whether in the industrial, commercial, institutional, or civil sectors. By successfully completing most of our BuildForce courses, you will be accredited a certain number of credits toward your Gold Seal Certification. Want to know the exact number of credits you’ll receive per course? Just click on the course offering page for more details!

Interested in learning more about our BuildForce eLearning training course options? Please contact us and we will be happy to answer any questions you have!

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