Communication Negotiation Conflict Resolution

Coworkers practicing conflict resolution training techniques

Duration: 6 hours

Conflict Resolution Course Description:

Advantage Learning Solutions Conflict Resolution Training is designed for anyone that is interested in improving their written and oral communication skills. The lessons in this course will help you build your negotiation skills and conflict resolution abilities when dealing with coworkers and customers on your job site.

This online communication course is specifically for those working in the construction industry. It contains interactive elements, case studies, practical examples, a search function, course glossary and reference library.

Who is the intended audience for conflict resolution training?
This course is intended for supervisors, project managers, etc. who must deal effectively and professionally with employees, sub-trades, owners, clients, engineers and employers.

Gold Seal Credits:

This course has been accredited by the Canadian Construction Association (CCA) for two (2) credits toward Gold Seal Certification.

Topics Covered:

  • How to overcome barriers to communication
  • How to clearly communicate using various methods of communication
  • Defining conflict
  • Identifying the stages of conflict
  • Learning how to apply assertiveness techniques to get a point across
  • Effective handling of difficult behaviors
  • Criteria for effective negotiation
  • Discuss power imbalances or how power can be used/abused in negotiation
  • How to determine when to close a negotiation

Online Communication Course Questions & Answers:

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