Construction Law Course

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Duration: 4 hours

Construction Law Online Course Description:

This Construction Law course familiarizes owners, managers, supervisors and project managers with the ins and outs of construction contracts and contract law. The course covers such topics as the responsibilities and liabilities of all parties to a Contract, compiling and submitting proper extras and claims, and the ways and means for leaders to avoid conflict with contracts, owners, trades, and labor.

Who should take Construction Law?
Construction Law Online is designed for all those (owners, project managers etc.) that require a better understanding of construction contracts and contract law as it applies to the construction industry. It is intended for people working in the construction industry who deal primarily in trade-to-trade and/or trade-to-customer situations.

Gold Seal Credits:

Upon successful completion of this course, you will be accredited two (2) credits toward Gold Seal Certification by the Canadian Construction Association (CCA).

Topics Covered:

  • Understanding the origins of construction law
  • Learn what makes a contract valid or invalid
  • Understanding what a contract is and how to interpret it
  • Understanding how the construction industry applies to contract law/relationship between construction industry and contract law
  • Learn the different types of contracts and what custom contracts consist of
  • The principles of surety and different kinds of bonds that can be used
  • Know what kinds of insurance are required for the construction industry
  • Understanding claims: the reasons and process of making a claim etc.

Construction Law Questions & Answers:

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