First Level Supervisor Training Program

A supervisor using effective supervisor training techniques while talking to a worker

Duration: 14 hours

Supervisor Training Course Description:

Advantage Learning Solutions First Level Supervisor Training Program offers the critical basic skills and concepts you need to supervise a crew in the residential, institutional, commercial, industrial, and civil construction sectors.

Supervisors play a key role in ensuring the job gets done on time, on budget, and safely. Supervisor training will introduce you to all aspects of supervision by covering the role of a supervisor and the skills required to be a supervisor. Some of the topics covered in this program are leadership vs. management, due diligence, communication skills, meetings, handling disagreements and problems, team building, motivation, and performance.

This course will examine a supervisor’s role in safety by looking at inspections, investigations, and training. Also included in supervisor training is a section on human resource management which will address personal problems and performance issues, planning and scheduling, productivity, and quality, including problem solving for quality outcomes.

Who should take First Level Supervisor Training?
Supervisor training is designed for foremen, supervisors or any individual who wants to become a First Level Supervisor in any part of the country, in any sector (residential, industrial, commercial, institutional, pipeline, civil).

Topics Covered:

  • Building your supervisory skills
  • How to lead a work crew
  • How to effectively communicate
  • Understanding the role of the supervisor regarding safety
  • Developing and motivating teams
  • How to address performance issues

Gold Seal Credits:

On successfully completing Supervisor Training Online, you will receive five (5) credits toward Gold Seal Certification. To receive a certificate of completion, you must get a final mark of 100%.

Supervisor Training Questions & Answers:

What to book Supervisor Training?

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