Introduction to Construction Estimating Course

Workers from a construction estimating course estimating the cost of a construction job

Duration: 4 hours

Construction Estimating Online Course Description:

Accurate and precise estimating is critical to the financial viability of a construction firm. The Introduction to Construction Estimating course provides you with an introduction to the field of construction estimating and covers all aspects of the production of an accurate estimate.
During this training program, you will learn the knowledge and skills to visualize the scope and magnitude of a construction project and produce reliable estimates. This is accomplished by reviewing drawings through various phases of a project with the aim of determining the quantity and type of materials required for the project.

This construction estimating online training course covers a wide range of topics within 8 separate lessons. Lessons are comprised of interactive activities and components that are based on practical, real-life field situations.

Who is Introduction to Construction Estimating training for?
This course is intended for people working in estimating or any individual who wants to become an estimator in any sector (residential, industrial, commercial, institutional, pipeline, civil) or any part of the country.

Gold Seal Credits:

To receive a certificate of completion, you must receive a minimum final mark of 75% (or over). On successful completion of Introduction to Construction Estimating, this course has been accredited by the Canadian Construction Association (CCA) for two (2) credits toward Gold Seal Certification.

Topics Covered:

  • How to develop a good understanding of estimating practices
  • Know site-specific conditions and regulatory requirements
  • How to handle the purchasing and logistics associated with materials on the job
  • Know how to manage materials on site
  • Organize cost data in a clear and logical manner
  • Keeping historical information related to costs (including those associated with labor, material, overhead, equipment and availability of required items)
  • Know how and when to update historical information related to costs
  • Assemble bids and meet bid closure deadlines
  • Provide on-site solutions to work-related problems in relations to equipment and material placement.

Construction Estimating Questions & Answers:

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