Pipeline Construction Safety Training (PCST)

A pipeline construction site

Duration: 6 hours

PCST Course Description:

Pipeline Construction Safety Training has been designed and developed by the construction industry to address health and safety issues that are specific to pipeline construction in the oil and gas industry.

Construction safety is not to be taken lightly and it is something that the pipeline construction industry takes very seriously. The PCST course is intended to familiarize you, the worker, with how to recognize, assess, and control hazards on the work site. It has been designed to complement other safety-related courses offered by the industry and focuses on pipeline safety.

Who is Pipeline Construction Safety Training for?
PCST is intended for people working in the oil and gas pipeline construction industry.

Topics Covered:

  • Know how to recognize hazards
  • Know how to assess hazards
  • Know how to control hazards
  • Know how to operate a vehicle safely
  • Know how to operate equipment safely
  • Know how to respond to emergencies

PCST Questions & Answers:

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