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Workers going over Common Safety Orientation (CSO) procedures.

This classroom-based Energy Safety Canada (ESC) Common Safety Orientation (CSO) course replaced the OSSA Basic Safety Training (BSO) effective December 31, 2018.

We do not currently offer an online learning option for this course.

Course Schedules:

Duration: 3-4 hours

Certificate: No expiry

Energy Safety Canada CSO Course Overview

In the oil and gas industry, ensuring safety is essential. The Energy Safety Canada CSO course is a foundation program designed to equip new and experienced workers with the knowledge and skills needed to maintain a secure working environment.

Energy Safety Canada CSO Course Topics

Topics Personal Accountability for a Safe Work Environment: Creating a culture of safety starts with personal responsibility. Participants in the Energy Safety Canada CSO course will learn how to take ownership of their actions and contribute to a safe working environment.

Arriving Ready to Work: Being prepared and aware is essential in high-risk industries. This section of the course emphasizes the importance of arriving ready to work, both physically and mentally.

Significant Hazards in the Oil and Gas Industry: Understanding the unique hazards present in the oil and gas industry is critical for any worker. The Energy Safety Canada CSO course provides detailed insights into these hazards, ensuring participants can identify and mitigate them effectively.

The Life Saving Rules: Energy Safety Canada's 10 Life Saving Rules are central to the Energy Safety Canada CSO  course. These rules are designed to address the most at-risk behaviours, providing a clear framework for maintaining safety in the industry.

Worksite Maintenance: Maintaining a safe worksite is a collective effort. Participants learn the importance of keeping their work environment hazard-free.

Emergency Preparedness and Response Procedures: Being prepared for emergencies is vital in any industry, but especially so in the oil and gas sector, where the consequences of mishaps can be severe. The Energy Safety Canada CSO course equips participants with the knowledge and skills to respond effectively in emergencies.

Reporting Incidents and Near Misses: Encouraging the reporting of incidents and near misses is a crucial component of a strong safety culture. The Energy Safety Canada CSO course emphasizes the importance of reporting, allowing organizations to learn from these incidents and prevent future accidents.

Safe Work Communications: Effective communication is essential for safe operations. Participants learn how to communicate clearly and responsibly, reducing the risk of misunderstandings and accidents.

Contributing to a Respectful Workplace: A respectful workplace is a safe workplace. The Energy Safety Canada CSO course includes content on fostering a respectful and inclusive work environment where all employees can thrive.

Energy Safety Canada CSO Workplace Benefits

Compliance: Energy Safety Canada's CSO training program aligns meticulously with the most up-to-date industry standards and regulations, guaranteeing participants follow safety prerequisites.

Comprehensive: Our program is designed with the oil and gas industry in mind, offering participants a perspective on their roles and enhancing their effectiveness across all job sites.

Safety: The objective of Energy Safety Canada's CSO training is to champion safety. Armed with the knowledge and skills from this program, participants can actively contribute to creating safer working environments.

Industry-Relevant: Our transition to the Energy Safety Canada course underscores our unwavering commitment to remaining abreast of industry best practices, affording participants the most current training.

Knowledge Assessment: The course incorporates regular knowledge assessments and culminates in a final exam, ensuring participants have a robust understanding of the material.


To ensure that participants have grasped the essential concepts of safety presented in the Energy Safety Canada CSO course, there is a knowledge testing phase in the form of a written exam. A thorough understanding of the course material is essential, as it directly impacts the safety of the workers and the industry.


The Energy Safety Canada CSO course certificate is that the certification doesn't have an expiration date. Once you complete the course successfully, your certification is valid for life. Long-term knowledge is maintained through safe practice and continued education.

About Energy Safety Canada and Our Partnership

Advantage Learning Solutions has been a reputable provider of safety training services to professionals in the oil and gas and construction industries since 2008, with a strong focus on customer service and high-quality instruction. Our Energy Safety Canada CSO course, delivered by experienced industry instructors, is a core offering. Whether through our mobile training services at clients' locations or our well-equipped learning centers in Fort McMurray and Edmonton, we ensure a top-notch learning environment. Our commitment to efficiency allows our customers to obtain essential certifications through the Energy Safety Canada CSO course and other vital training programs.

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If you require additional details or wish to register for the Energy Safety Canada CSO course, please feel free to contact us without delay. Our team is readily available to assist you with your safety training requirements.

Topics Covered:

  • Personal accountability
  • Arriving ready to work
  • Major hazards in the oil and gas industry
  • The Life Saving Rules
  • Worksite maintenance
  • Emergency response procedures
  • Reporting incidents and near misses
  • Safe work communications
  • Contributing to a respectful workplace

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