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Course Schedules:

Duration: 8 hours

Certificate: Valid 3 years

Energy Safety Canada H2S Alive Overview

The Energy Safety Canada H2S Alive course, is a vital training program that equips oil and gas industry workers with the knowledge and skills to work safely in and around hydrogen sulphide (H2S) environments. H2S, also known as sour gas, is a colourless, toxic, and potentially deadly gas that can be a common by-product in various industries, including oil and gas, pulp and paper, mining, and wastewater management. Understanding how to protect oneself from H2S exposure is crucial, and this course is designed to provide the essential training.  

Topics Covered in Energy Safety Canada H2S Alive  

H2S Alive Properties: Understanding the physical properties of H2S is crucial, as it allows workers to recognize its presence and assess potential risks effectively.  

Health Hazards: Learning about the health hazards associated with H2S is essential for safeguarding the well-being of workers. This knowledge ensures that individuals can take preventative measures and respond appropriately to exposure.  

Probable H2S Locations: Identifying areas where H2S is likely present is the first step in hazard assessment. This knowledge helps workers proactively minimize risks.  

Hazard Assessment and Control: Workers are taught how to assess hazards related to H2S and, more importantly, how to control them to create a safer work environment.  

Approved Respiratory Protective Equipment: Proper selection and use of respiratory protective equipment are critical in preventing exposure. This training covers the correct use of equipment, ensuring workers can effectively protect themselves.  

Detection of H2S: Detecting H2S gas is crucial for early warning and response. Workers are trained to use detection equipment, adding another layer of safety to their work practices.  

Initial Response Strategy: In case of H2S exposure, knowing how to respond initially is vital. Workers are trained on immediate actions to protect themselves and others.  

Rescue Techniques: Basic rescue techniques are taught to ensure workers can assist colleagues in an emergency, potentially saving lives.  

Energy Safety Canada H2S Alive Workplace Benefits  

Safety Compliance: The Energy Safety Canada H2S Alive course ensures that participants understand and stick to the safety protocols and regulations governing hydrogen sulphide (H2S). This compliance is essential for maintaining a safe working environment in the petroleum industry, where H2S exposure is a significant risk.  

Comprehensive Expertise: Energy Safety Canada H2S Alive goes beyond basic safety training. It provides participants with a holistic understanding of H2S, its properties, and its potential hazards. By offering a comprehensive knowledge base, this course empowers workers to make informed decisions and take appropriate actions in H2S environments, enhancing their effectiveness in ensuring safety.  

Safety-First Approach: Safety is key in the Energy Safety Canada H2S Alive course. It instills a strong safety-first mentality in participants. With the knowledge and skills acquired, they become champions of safety, actively contributing to a culture of well-being in the workplace.  

Current Industry Standards: Our commitment to excellence and industry best practices is reflected in the Energy Safety Canada H2S Alive course. Participants receive up-to-date training that aligns with the most current industry standards. Staying in step with these standards is crucial in an industry where safety practices continually evolve to address emerging risks.  

Ongoing Assessment and Proficiency: Energy Safety Canada H2S Alive doesn't stop at training but focuses on ongoing proficiency. Participants undergo regular knowledge assessments and a final examination to ensure they have a solid grasp of the material. This rigorous evaluation process guarantees they are well-prepared and can confidently fulfill their responsibilities in H2S environments.  


At the end of the Energy Safety Canada H2S Alive course learning, you will undergo a detailed written test to gauge your grasp of the material and your skill level. This final test provides a complete assessment of your knowledge, evaluating how well you can use what you've learned.  


Once you complete the assessment, you will understand the course content and earn a certificate that remains valid for three (3) years.  

About Energy Safety Canada and Our Partnership  

Advantage Learning Solutions is a trusted Energy Safety Canada H2S Alive training hub, adeptly serving professionals in sectors such as oil and gas and construction. Since 2008, our unwavering commitment has been delivering top-tier safety education, expertly instructed by industry-seasoned professionals. Whether you seek the convenience of on-site mobile training or opt for the traditional classroom experience in our facilities in Fort McMurray and Edmonton, we've got all your training needs covered. Focusing on offering frequent course options and providing exemplary customer service, we ensure you efficiently acquire your Energy Safety Canada H2S Alive certification, making your learning journey a smooth and rewarding experience.  

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Topics Covered:

  • H2S Alive properties
  • Health hazards
  • Probable H2S locations
  • Hazard assessment and control
  • Approved respiratory protective equipment
  • Detection of H2S
  • Initial response strategy
  • Rescue techniques

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