Ground Disturbance Level 2

An excavator breaking ground on a construction site following proper ground disturbance protocol.

Ground Disturbance Level 2 is recognized and endorsed by the Alberta Common Ground Alliance (ABCGA).

Duration: 7 hours

Certificate: Valid 3 years

Ground Disturbance 201 Course Description:

Ground Disturbance Level 2 is designed for anyone working in an operation or activity that involves disturbing the earth, such as digging, excavating, or trenching etc. Ground Disturbance is integral to any such operation to help prevent damage of buried structures and avoid unnecessary disruption of the earth.

This online ground disturbance course covers such topics as: Damage prevention, ground disturbance planning and preparation, and how to properly execute and complete ground disturbance.

Who is Ground Disturbance 201 for?
Ground Disturbance is for planners, supervisors, managers, and anyone else who is involved in developing, planning and/or executing ground disturbance activities.

Topics Covered:

  • Understand and define what ground disturbance is
  • Ground disturbance hazards and safety requirements
  • Permits and agreements
  • Locating and identifying underground facilities and hazards
  • Ground disturbance regulations
  • Responsibility of owners in terms of ground disturbance


To pass Ground Disturbance 201 you must receive a mark of at least 80% or higher. Once you have successfully completed the course, you will be able to download and print your certificate immediately.

Ground Disturbance Questions & Answers

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