Lockout Tagout (LOTO) Training

A lockout tagout procedure demonstration with a lockout device

Duration: 60 minutes

LOTO Training Course Description:

LOTO Training is an online course that explains the purpose of lockout tagout procedures and provides you with the necessary skills to lockout and tagout equipment and machinery.

Do you work around potentially dangerous equipment? Does your work have an effective lockout tagout procedure? Advantage Learning Solutions offers Lockout Tagout (LOTO) Training for anyone working with equipment that could pose a danger to operators or other staff members.

One of the major causes of injury and death in the workplace involves forgetting or failing to lockout machinery or equipment before routine maintenance. To ensure the safety of you and other staff members, implement a good lockout and tagout program that guarantees equipment is off (by locking and tagging it out) when it needs to be serviced or adjusted.

Who is Lockout Tagout Online Training for?
Anyone (supervisors, maintenance workers, crew members, operators, etc.) that works in an industry or field that uses potentially hazardous energy.

Topics Covered:

  • Understanding the purpose of lockout/tagout procedures
  • Different kinds of hazardous energy
  • Understand what/who is covered by the LOTO standard
  • Identify the kinds of lockout tagout devices
  • Requirements and steps to lockout tagout
  • Inspections and training requirements


To pass the Lockout Tagout online course, you must achieve a passing mark of at least 80%. The examination material is based on information gained during the length of the training.

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