Confined Space Entry/Monitor

Energy Safety Canada

Course Schedules:
Duration 8 hours
Certificate Valid 3 years
Course Description:

The purpose of this Confined Space training is to ensure that the end-user demonstrates proficiency and a general understanding of the duties of a monitor and entrant. Confined Space Entry and Monitor are combined into one program and is facilitator led in a classroom environment.

Topics Covered:
  • Confined Space Monitor Basics
  • Legislation and Regional Code of Practice
  • Confined Space Entry Planning and Hazard Assessment
  • Confined Space Identification and definitions
  • Flammable Explosive Atmospheres
  • Oxygen Enrichment/Flammable Atmospheres
  • Oxygen Deficient/Inert Atmospheres
  • Isolation, Ventilation, Purging, Atmospheric Monitoring Requirements
  • Confined Space Control Measures
  • Confined Space Entry Permitting
  • Entry Tags & Signage
  • Confined Space Monitor Responsibilities
  • Knowledge testing, including a written exam.