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Course Schedule:

Duration: 8 hours

Practical Rigging Training Course Description

The practical rigging training course from Advantage Learning Solutions is designed to meet the needs of crane operators and other workers who engage with cranes and rigging equipment. The course is designed to give students a strong foundation in health and safety standards, preventative maintenance, and proper rigging procedures. This foundation is critical to the safety of crane operators and others who work with cranes and rigging equipment. The course content is delivered in an interactive and engaging mix of multimedia presentations and discussions, making it both enjoyable and educational.

Through its partnership with Leavitt Training, Advantage Learning Solutions also provides enhanced training and orientation options in practical rigging training. With these options, your operators are to be trained by experienced journeyman crane operators with more than 30 years of experience. These instructors have extensive knowledge and experience in crane operation, making them well-equipped to provide participants with hands-on training and guidance.

After successfully completing this rigging training course, participants will receive a workbook and supplementary handouts. These materials are intended to reinforce the knowledge and skills that participants gain during the course, assisting them in remembering and applying the information in their work.

Operators who have been previously certified by a certified trainer may be eligible for recertification in practical rigging.  Our team can tell you more about the requirements for recertification and how to apply. Rigging is a necessary skill for all crane operators. Advantage Learning Solutions' training will provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to operate cranes and rigging equipment safely and efficiently.

Topics Covered:

    • Safety Regulations & Standards
    • Hoisting/Rigging Hazard Identification
    • Hoisting/Rigging Fundamentals & Principles
    • Inspection & Application of Rigging Hardware & Slings

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