Fall Protection

Energy Safety Canada

A worker adjusting the straps of his harness for fall protection
Course Schedules:
Duration 8 hours
Certificate Valid 3 years
Course Description:

The ESC Fall Protection program has been designed to address the fall safety needs for industrial and commercial workers in the province of Alberta. The fall protection program ensures students understand fall protection safety principles and how they apply to real work environments. Students will understand how to use the equipment correctly and to use fall protection at all times.

Topics Covered:
  • Current legislation and Regional Code of Practice
  • Fall Protection fundamentals
  • Fall hazard identification and elimination
  • Personal travel restraint and fall arrest systems
  • Fall distance calculations
  • Fall Protection equipment specifications, limitations, care and inspection
  • Fall Protection planning
  • Rescue planning and preparedness
  • Controlled weight transfer exercise
  • Knowledge testing, including a written exam.
  • Practical test where participants demonstrate an understanding of fall protection components. Participants will wear, correctly adjust a harness and participate in a controlled weight transfer.