Fire Watch

Energy Safety Canada

A welder creating sparks while welding
Course Schedules:
Duration 4 hours
Certificate No expiry
Course Description:

Workers required to perform Fire Watch must be trained and competent in their responsibilities and in the proper use, care and maintenance of equipment they are required to operate. The purpose of this course is to ensure that workers are trained in theory and in practical exercises to demonstrate a basic level of knowledge and proficiency while performing Fire Watch duties and in the use of extinguishing equipment. This course includes a practical exercise in which participants will extinguish a fire using an approved simulator.

Topics Covered:
  • Legislation & standards pertaining to fire hazards
  • Fire Watch planning
  • Types of Extinguishers, Agents, and Classification
  • Types of Fires, Classifications, and behaviors
  • Operation of Fire Extinguishers
  • Fire Watch Duties and Responsibilities
  • Practical test where participants extinguish a fire using an approved simulator.

Effective September 8, 2020 we will no longer be delivering OSSA Fire Watch and will only be delivering Energy Safety Canada (ESC) Fire Watch courses. For more information, please contact us