Forklift Training

Locations Available: Fort McMurray | Sherwood Park | Mobile
Duration 8 hours
Certificate Valid 3 years
Delivered by Herc Rentals
Topics Covered:
  • Identify hazards associated with the operation of an aerial work platform.
  • Identify key points from OSHA and ANSI/SIA standards (ANSI/SIA A92.5/Boom-Supported Elevating Work Platforms and A92.6/Self-Propelled Elevating Work Platforms), other state-specific standards, and company/site-specific rules and procedures for operating an aerial work platform safely.
  • Identify key features/characteristics of and manufacturer precautions for the specific aerial work platform (Boom Lift and Scissor Lift) used for the work task.
  • Identify aerial work platform and related items that must be checked in a pre-operation safety inspection (Walk-Around, Function Check, and Work Site) and complete a pre-operation inspection checklist in a hands-on training exercise.
  • Identify safe practices and complete a hands-on training exercise for the following aerial work platform operations, including:
    • Personal protection/PPE
    • Fall prevention and protection
    • Mounting and dismounting
    • Start-up
    • Traveling (maneuvering between sites)
    • Positioning the platform
    • Raising and lowering the platform
    • Working on a raised platform
    • Working near a power source
    • Transporting an aerial work platform (optional)(loading it onto a truck, bringing it to a site, and unloading it)
    • Stopping/lowering/shutdown, including emergency
    • Maintenance
    • Additional situations/considerations
  • Identify safe maintenance techniques for the aerial work platform used for the work task:
  • Refueling
  • Battery handling and recharging
  • Jump starting
  • Cooling systems
  • Lubrication
  • Complete an assessment of knowledge about aerial work platforms with a score of 80% or above.
  • State the procedure for becoming qualified to operate another aerial work platform with different controls, fuel systems, configurations, and attachments.
  • Knowledge testing, including a written exam.
  • Practical exercise where participants must demonstrate the use of the equipment.