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Mobile Elevating Work Platform (MEWP) Virtual Reality (VR) Simulator

Advantage Learning Solutions is now offering a Mobile Elevating Work Platform (MEWP) skill testing experience using a virtual reality (VR) simulator. The MEWP VR Simulator provides a real-life experience where the operator can react and respond in a safe and controlled environment. This VR simulator is an excellent resource to assess an operator’s efficiency in operating equipment such as boom lifts and scissor lifts.

What is MEWP VR Simulator?

The Mobile Elevating Work Platform (MEWP) Virtual Reality (VR) Simulator was developed in North America and has achieved widespread adoption across the industry. It provides a safe environment for operators while keeping the learning experience hands-on and realistic. On a smaller scale, the physical unit resembles the basket of a boom lift. This unit can be adjusted to a height of 51.1 inches and a width of 32.3 inches. The simulator is equipped with all the required controls to operate an actual MEWP.

Why use a Virtual Reality Simulator?

Real-Life Situations
Virtual Reality allows the operators to test their skills in different situations. The simulator offers a real-life experience of complex workplace situations in a safe environment that otherwise may not be available in real-life training. Some of the situations that you can practice in are entrapment, loading, and overhead crushing.

Eliminates the risk of injury or damage
Operating a piece of equipment isn’t easy! It requires training. The operator must know the potential risks and safety concerns before using the machine. With the VR simulator, operators can closely measure their skills in complex situations without causing any risks or damages.

Proficiency Testing: A Cost-Effective Solution
If you are uncertain about your staff’s certifications and skill levels, then MEWP VR Simulator is the solution for you. It allows operators to test their skills in a realistic environment without involving any risks or damages. The proficiency testing will help to identify the exact level of re-certifications your staff needs.

MEWP VR Simulator Training Options

Train At Our Facility
We currently have a MEWP VR Simulator located at our Fort McMurray location. If you are interested in assessing your skills via this simulator, then please contact us.

VR Simulator Rentals
If you are interested in renting the MEWP VR Simulator for your worksite or want to know more about our rental programs, then please contact us today. We have daily, weekly, and monthly rental options available.

Thanks to technological innovation, now you get flexibility, efficiency, and safety while training. Additionally, the MEWP VR Simulator gives you the advantage of no added risks when assessing your staff operators working on boom or scissor lifts. If you are looking for a technologically advanced solution to your operator training requirements, then this simulator will fulfill all your needs.

This training is currently only available at our Fort McMurray location.

Virtual Reality Training Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

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