Looking to advance your career as a machine operator? Advantage Learning Solutions offers a variety of mobile equipment courses to ensure the safety and efficiency of operators in the workplace. The courses include Forklift Operator Training, Skid Steer Operator Training, and Telehandler Operator Training. These courses provide participants with the necessary knowledge and skills required to operate mobile equipment in different industries such as construction, forestry, and warehousing.

You will learn the fundamentals of forklift operation, including proper load handling techniques, load stability, and forklift maintenance during Forklift Operator Training. The course offers a wide range of options to suit different industry requirements and includes in-class instruction delivered through multimedia presentations and group discussions. You will also learn how to identify potential hazards, and how to respond to emergency situations.

The Energy Safety Canada (ESC) Mobile Elevated Work Platform (MEWP) training course provides basic operator training for those working with Type 3, Group B Mobile Elevating Work Platforms. The course includes hands-on training activities such as hazard assessment, pre-use equipment inspection, and basic operation of a MEWP. By completing the course, participants may receive a worker's competency assessment, which designates them as a competent person based on specific tasks assigned by their employer. This training is essential for anyone working with MEWPs, as it ensures safe and efficient operation and minimizes the risk of accidents and injuries on the job.

Operator will gain a solid understanding of the maintenance protocols and safety requirements involved in operating a skid steer throughout the Skid Steer Operator Training course. The course covers topics such as how to control the skid steer, how to attach and detach attachments, and how to safely move materials. Participants will receive in-class training through audiovisual presentations, group discussions, and practical demonstrations.

Learn professional competency in telehandler operation through the Telehandler Training course. The course teaches operators how to handle the machine, how to maneuver it in tight spaces, and how to use attachments to complete a variety of tasks. From pre-operation inspections to hazard assessments, Telehandler training has all you need to learn in one training course.

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Mobile Equipment Training Courses

Below are the Mobile Equipment training Courses courses offered by Advantage Learning Solutions.

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