Do you work in an industry where airborne hazards and/or reduced oxygen cannot be eliminated or reduced? Ensure you meet industry standards by acquiring the correct certifications for your respiratory needs. Advantage Learning Solutions offers individual Fit Testing service by appointment as well as Respiratory Equipment Training Courses designed to ensure that workers in hazardous environments can effectively protect themselves from airborne hazards such as dust, chemicals, reduced oxygen levels, and more.

The courses offered at Advantage Learning Solutions are Air Purifying Respirator (APR) Training, Fit Testing, and Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE) Training. All the Respiratory courses are classroom-based courses with online and practical knowledge testing.

You will learn about the effective use and inspection of an Air Purifying Respirator in our APR Training Certification Course. The course covers topics such as hazard awareness, pre-use inspection and cleaning, correct use of the respirator, and awareness of its limitations. To learn more, call or book training today.

Advantage Learning Solutions Leavitt Training is a Suncor Energy approved provider for Air Purifying Respirators (APRs).

Ensure your safety in hazardous environments with our by appointment Fit Testing service. The course offers both Quantitative Fit Testing and Qualitative Fit Testing to guarantee that workers are using the right size respiratory mask and that it is effectively protecting them.

Want to find out more or book a training today? Contact one of our Operator Training team members.

Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE) Training provides practical training for the proper use, care, and inspection of respiratory protective equipment. Participants will be trained in the use of Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus and Remote Supplied Breathing Apparatus. RPE training covers topics such as hazard awareness, choosing the appropriate RPE, performing pre-use inspections, and more.

Respiratory Training Courses

Below are the Respiratory training Courses courses offered by Advantage Learning Solutions.

Respiratory Training Questions & Answers

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