Wildlife Awareness Intermediate Level

A black bear on the side of the road
Course Schedules:
Duration 4 hours
Certificate Valid 3 years
Course Description:

Wildlife Awareness is a course that focuses primarily on bears, and also discusses other wildlife that may be encountered in the region (fox, wolf, cougar, and coyote). Participants will learn how to identify bear types, their behaviors, ranges and habitats and the difference between defensive and predatory bear attacks. The best defense against bear encounters is to not have one, so the course stresses the importance of avoidance strategies. There is also discussion on how to handle and/or prevent a bear encounter with deterrents, if an attack should occur.

This course meets the wildlife safety training standard for Suncor Energy Inc.

Topics Covered:
  • General Wildlife Information
  • Bear Identification
  • Species
  • Bear Distribution
  • Signs of Bears
  • Bear Avoidance Strategies
  • Bear Encounters
  • Deterrents
  • Other Regional Wildlife
  • Work Site Requirements Handling Bear Spray
  • Knowledge testing, including a written exam.
  • Practical bear spray exercise(Inert training spray is used)