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Site maintenance shutdowns are a required part of many operations and applications to maintain safety and performance standards. For many industrial facilities, major maintenance and repairs cannot be performed while the facility is operational. That’s why some operations will temporarily reduce production or enact a temporary site shutdown. These shutdowns can last anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. During a site maintenance shutdown, skilled workers and tradespeople perform various repairs and upgrades throughout the facility. These upgrades can range from production line equipment and machinery to computers and network/system enhancements. Depending on the size of the facility, several hundreds of contract workers may be employed until the job is completed.

A worker holding a hardhat during a temporary site shutdown

During a site maintenance shutdown, there are hundreds of skilled trades workers who require safety training as per the site and work scope requirements. Major maintenance shutdowns commonly require anywhere from 100 to 2500 contractors who are mobilized to perform the scope of work within the scheduled shutdown. The mobilization process includes ensuring all contractors have the necessary training to be ready when needed. For all your site maintenance shutdown training needs, look no further than Advantage Learning Solutions (now part of Leavitt Machinery)! We provide hundreds of unique online training classes, in-class safety training courses, and blended training options that can fit any schedule or learning style. Browse our online course catalog, view our course calendar, or contact our training team today to learn more.

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