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Course Schedules:

Duration: 8.5 hours

Certificate: Valid 3 years

ESC Fall Protection Course Overview

In the realm of workplace safety, ESC Fall Protection stands as a beacon of assurance for those who operate at heights defined by Occupational Health and Safety standards. At Advantage Learning Solutions, we proudly offer this course in Fort McMurray and Edmonton, equipping a diverse range of professionals with the knowledge and skills to enhance workplace safety.   

Topics Covered in ESC Fall Protection  

Current Legislation and Regional Code of Practice: Understanding current legislation and regional codes of practice is vital to ensure the safety of workers operating at heights. This knowledge helps create a compliant and secure work environment.  

Fall Protection Fundamentals: Mastering the fundamentals of fall protection is key in preventing accidents. Workers learn the basic principles and techniques that form the basis of their safety.  

Fall Hazard Identification and Elimination: Identifying and mitigating fall hazards is crucial in minimizing risks. Workers are trained to recognize potential dangers and take proactive steps to eliminate them, ensuring a safer workplace.  

Personal Travel Restraint and Fall Arrest Systems: In-depth knowledge of personal travel restraint and fall arrest systems is essential for those working at heights. This training equips workers with the skills to use these systems, preventing accidents and injuries effectively.  

Fall Distance Calculations: Calculating fall distances accurately ensures that fall protection equipment functions as intended. Understanding these calculations can be a lifesaver in preventing severe injuries.  

Fall Protection Equipment Specifications, Limitations, Care, and Inspection: Workers gain comprehensive knowledge about the specifications and limitations of fall protection equipment. Properly caring for and inspecting this equipment is essential for maintaining its effectiveness and worker safety.  

Fall Protection Planning: Effective planning for fall protection scenarios is a proactive measure significantly reduces the likelihood of accidents. This training teaches workers to devise comprehensive fall protection plans, ensuring they are prepared for any situation.  

Rescue Planning and Preparedness: Equipping workers with the skills to plan and execute rescues in fall protection scenarios is crucial. The ability to respond swiftly and effectively in emergencies is fundamental to worker safety.  

Controlled Weight Transfer Exercise: Learning to perform controlled weight transfer exercises is a hands-on skill that can be a lifesaver. This exercise equips workers to maintain balance and control while working at heights, preventing falls and accidents.  

ESC Fall Protection Workplace Benefits  

Enhanced Safety: Safety is of the most importance in any workplace, particularly in industries where working at heights is routine. The ESC Fall Protection training equips your employees with the knowledge and skills to ensure their safety while working in elevated environments.  

Compliance with Regulations: Meeting regulatory requirements is non-negotiable. The ESC Fall Protection course aligns with Occupational Health and Safety standards and the ESC Fall Protection Standard, ensuring that your workplace complies with industry regulations.  

Reduced Risk: With an in-depth understanding of fall protection systems, fall hazard identification, and proper equipment use, your employees are better equipped to reduce the risk of fall-related accidents.  

Competent Workforce: A well-trained workforce is more capable and confident in their roles, resulting in increased efficiency and productivity.  

Proactive Safety Culture: The ESC Fall Protection training instills a proactive safety culture within your organization. Employees become more vigilant, and safety becomes a shared responsibility.  


There will be knowledge testing throughout the course, which will include a written exam. Participants will also have a practical test to demonstrate understanding of fall protection components. Participants will wear correctly, adjust a harness, and participate in a controlled weight transfer.  


After completing the course and evaluation, your ESC Fall Protection certification remains valid for three (3) years. This certification period reflects your commitment to upholding workplace safety and your continued proficiency in fall protection, solidifying your professional credentials for an extended period.  

About Energy Safety Canada and Our Partnership  

Our organization, Advantage Learning Solutions, serves as a reputable source for ESC Fall Protection training, catering to professionals across various industry sectors. Since 2008, our unwavering dedication has revolved around delivering premium safety education expertly guided by seasoned industry specialists. We offer the flexibility of on-site mobile training and the traditional classroom setting in our Fort McMurray and Edmonton facilities, ensuring that all your training requirements are met. We prioritize offering a range of course options and exceptional customer service, providing a seamless and fulfilling journey to attain your ESC Fall Protection certification.  

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Topics Covered:

  • Current legislation and Regional Code of Practice
  • Fall Protection fundamentals
  • Fall hazard identification and elimination
  • Personal travel restraint and fall arrest systems
  • Fall distance calculations
  • Fall protection equipment specifications, limitations, care, and inspection
  • Fall protection planning
  • Rescue planning and preparedness
  • Controlled weight transfer exercise

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