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Course Schedules:

Duration: 4 hours

Certificate: No expiry

ESC Fire Watch Overview

ESC Fire Safety is a critical aspect of workplace safety. To ensure the safety of personnel and prevent catastrophic events, it's essential to have personnel who are well-trained in identifying, controlling, and preventing fires in the workplace. This is where ESC Fire Watch Training steps in.  

ESC Fire Watch Training is designed to equip individuals with a fundamental understanding of fire safety and the practical skills needed to fulfill fire watch duties efficiently. Fire safety encompasses a range of elements, from identifying the type of fire that has occurred to determining the most effective methods for control and extinguishment. The ability to respond appropriately to a fire incident can mean the difference between a minor issue and a major disaster.  

Topics Covered in ESC Fire Watch Training  

Legislation & Standards About Fire Hazards: Understanding the legal and industry standards about fire hazards ensures compliance and promotes a safer working environment.  

Fire Watch Planning: Effective planning is vital to respond promptly and efficiently to fire incidents. ESC Fire Watch training equips you with the skills to develop a robust fire watch plan.  

Types of Extinguishers, Agents, and Classification: Recognizing various kinds of fire extinguishers, the agents they use, and their classifications is crucial for selecting the right tool for the job.  

Types of Fires, Classifications, and Behaviors: Understanding the different classifications and behaviours of fires enables you to respond appropriately to each scenario.  

Operation of Fire Extinguishers: ESC Fire Watch Training goes beyond theory; it provides hands-on experience in operating fire extinguishers effectively.   

Fire Watch Duties and Responsibilities: Learn about your responsibilities as a fire watch personnel, including prevention, control, and response.   

ESC Fire Watch Workplace Benefits  

Compliance Assurance: The ESC Fire Watch course ensures that participants comply with the most up-to-date industry standards and regulations, guaranteeing a safe working environment.  

Comprehensive Training: By integrating fire prevention and monitoring aspects into a single program, participants thoroughly understand their roles, enhancing their effectiveness in fire hazard situations.  

Safety as Priority: The ESC Fire Watch course strongly emphasizes safety as its primary objective. Participants are equipped to actively contribute to enhanced workplace safety through the knowledge and skills acquired.  

Industry-Relevance: The ESC Fire Watch course shows our commitment to adopting industry best practices. Participants receive the latest and most pertinent training, staying in step with current industry standards.  

Jobsite Confidence: Having a job site where workers can trust each other for competence in hazardous situations ensures a relaxed and confident group. In that matter, proficiency is essential to create a safe work environment.     


ESC Fire Watch Training ensures that participants gain knowledge and demonstrate their ability to apply it effectively. The evaluation process includes a practical test, during which participants must extinguish a fire using an approved simulator. This hands-on experience prepares you to handle real-world fire incidents with confidence.  


One of the most significant advantages of ESC Fire Watch Training is that the certification has no expiration date. Once you complete the course and evaluation, your certificate remains valid, providing you with long-term recognition of your expertise in fire safety.  

About Energy Safety Canada and Our Partnership 

Advantage Learning Solutions is your trusted source for ESC Fire Watch training services, catering to oil and gas and construction professionals. Since 2008, we've been committed to delivering top-quality safety education led by industry-experienced instructors. Whether you prefer the convenience of mobile training at your worksite or the traditional classroom experience in our learning centers in Fort McMurray and Edmonton, we've got you covered. Our frequent offerings of essential courses ensure you get the ESC Fire Watch certification you need swiftly and efficiently, all with a focus on exceptional customer service.  

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Topics Covered:

  • Legislation & standards pertaining to fire hazards
  • Fire Watch planning
  • Types of extinguishers, agents, and classification
  • Types of fires, classifications, and behaviors
  • Operation of fire extinguishers
  • Fire Watch duties and responsibilities

Effective September 8, 2020 we will no longer be delivering OSSA Fire Watch and will only be delivering Energy Safety Canada (ESC) Fire Watch courses. For more information, please contact us.

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