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Course Schedules:

Duration: 15 minutes

Certificate: Valid 2 years

Update: Due to annual calibration, fit testing will be available on a limited basis starting May 14th for several weeks. Please call ahead to confirm availability.

Fit Testing Course Description:

In work areas where airborne hazards such as dusts, chemicals, or reduced oxygen levels cannot be eliminated or reduced, personal protective equipment, such as respiratory protective equipment must be used. That's why Advantage Learning Solutions offers Respirator Fit Testing! To ensure that you can work safety knowing that your respirator is effectively protecting you.

Correct fit testing is an essential aspect of a workplace’s comprehensive respiratory protection program. OH&S dictates that all users of any respiratory mask be fit tested to guarantee that the right size mask is used. Advantage Learning Solutions offers both Quantitative Fit Testing as well as Qualitative Fit Testing.

Quantitative fit tests use computerized equipment to measure pressure in the mask when it is worn and ensures no airflow where the seal makes contact with the face.

In Qualitative fit tests, agents are sprayed around the workers’ face to see if a seal is obtained.

Respirator Fit Testing Quiz

Respirator Fit Testing Quiz

1. When was your last respirator fit test conducted?

2. Have you had any significant facial changes since your last fit test (e.g., major dental work, significant weight change, facial surgery)?

3. Have you noticed any issues with the seal of your respirator during use?

4. Has the model or type of your respirator changed since your last fit test?

5. Has your workplace environment or the nature of airborne exposure changed since your last fit test?

6. Do you have any concerns about the current fit and effectiveness of your respirator?

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