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A worker using an ALTAIR 4x gas detector

Course Schedules:

Duration: 3 hours

Certificate: Valid 3 years

Gas Detector Training Course Description:

Advantage Learning Solutions Gas Detection Course is a classroom-based experience with facilitator led delivery that includes gas detectors for demonstration, bumper gas (bump test gas), and gas monitoring accessories. It is designed for anyone working in a field that requires personal gas monitoring equipment. Such fields include areas where airborne contaminants may exist or where explosive or toxic atmospheres and oxygen deficient or enriched atmospheres could be created.

To maintain safe working environments in the Oilsands or other similar industries, there is a growing requirement for workers to operate gas detection and personal gas monitoring equipment.

This Gas Detection Training Course includes demonstrations of MX6 iBrid and Ventis MX4 Industrial Scientific detectors, BW by Honeywell’s GasAlert Clip and GasAlert MicroClip, and the MSA ALTAIR 4x


Knowledge testing, including a written exam component.

Topics Covered:

  • Performing pre-use checks
  • Interpreting alarms
  • Gases commonly tested for
  • Alarm set points
  • Lower Explosive Limit (LEL)
  • Occupational Exposure Limits (OEL)
  • Evacuation and alarm response
  • Performing a gas test
  • Hot work and gas testing legislative requirements covered in the Alberta OH&S Act, Regulations and Codes
  • Hot work in accordance with NFPA® 51B Standard for Fire Prevention during Welding, Cutting and Other Hot Work 2009 Edition

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