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Air purifying respirator used in APR Training at Advantage Learning Solutions

Course Schedules:

Duration: 1 hour

Certificate: Valid 2 years

Air Purifying Respirator (APR) Certification Course Description:

APR Training is a classroom-based course that provides information and practical training for the effective care, use and inspections of an Air Purifying Respirator. During this course, you will learn what environments an air purifying respirator is effective in along with the components that make one up.

This course is for anyone that works in environments where there is the potential for exposure to chemicals or airborne particulates (low to medium hazard levels only). APR Certification is a separate designation from our Respiratory Protective Equipment Training course, however, it can be arranged in the same session so repeat visits are not required. If you require both courses, please let your representative know at the time of booking so that your training appointments can be coordinated concurrently.

Advantage Learning Solutions (Leavitt Training) is a Suncor Energy approved provider for Air Purifying Respirators (APRs).


Knowledge testing, including a written exam. Practical test, participants must demonstrate the use of equipment throughout the course.

Topics Covered:

  • Hazard awareness
  • How to perform pre-use inspection and cleaning
  • How to correctly don the Air Purifying Respirator
  • How to correctly perform seal check
  • Awareness of APR limitations
  • When to replace APR canisters and filters
Respirator Fit Testing Quiz

Respirator Fit Testing Quiz

1. When was your last respirator fit test conducted?

2. Have you had any significant facial changes since your last fit test (e.g., major dental work, significant weight change, facial surgery)?

3. Have you noticed any issues with the seal of your respirator during use?

4. Has the model or type of your respirator changed since your last fit test?

5. Has your workplace environment or the nature of airborne exposure changed since your last fit test?

6. Do you have any concerns about the current fit and effectiveness of your respirator?

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